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Victory Kirsch Cherry Gose @ the Brass Tap

Stopped off at the Carrollwood Brass Tap with a couple of good friends the other day and they had a very interesting brew on tap, Victory’s Kirsch Cherry Gose.

Victory Kirsch Gose

I’ve been a big fan of Goses since I first tried them a couple of years ago. Goses are sour beers that are typically brewed with coriander and salt which makes for a very interesting combination of flavors. While many are citrus-based as it gives the brewer an already sour note to start on, this was the first time I’ve tried one brewed with cherries.

This pours a bright red with a good deal of foam; it almost looked like a cherry soda. You could smell the cherries right off the bat.

The Kirsch had a slightly acidic feel on the tongue and the carbonation was higher than in most brews I’ve tried. This beer had a solid consistent taste of tart cherries and salt from the first pull to the back end; there was almost a candy-like quality to the flavor. If you’ve ever had a Black Cherry Warhead when you were a kid this is the closest thing to it in liquid form that I could imagine (although not quite as pucker-inducingly sour).

Looking forward to locating this in a bottle so I can see if the flavor compares with the draft. If you can manage to locate this and you like sours, definitely try this one.

Tried the Victory Kirsch? Leave a message in the comments section!

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