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Victory Kirsch Cherry Gose @ the Brass Tap

Stopped off at the Carrollwood Brass Tap with a couple of good friends the other day and they had a very interesting brew on tap, Victory’s Kirsch Cherry Gose.

Victory Kirsch Gose

I’ve been a big fan of Goses since I first tried them a couple of years ago. Goses are sour beers that are typically brewed with coriander and salt which makes for a very interesting combination of flavors. While many are citrus-based as it gives the brewer an already sour note to start on, this was the first time I’ve tried one brewed with cherries.

This pours a bright red with a good deal of foam; it almost looked like a cherry soda. You could smell the cherries right off the bat.

The Kirsch had a slightly acidic feel on the tongue and the carbonation was higher than in most brews I’ve tried. This beer had a solid consistent taste of tart cherries and salt from the first pull to the back end; there was almost a candy-like quality to the flavor. If you’ve ever had a Black Cherry Warhead when you were a kid this is the closest thing to it in liquid form that I could imagine (although not quite as pucker-inducingly sour).

Looking forward to locating this in a bottle so I can see if the flavor compares with the draft. If you can manage to locate this and you like sours, definitely try this one.

Tried the Victory Kirsch? Leave a message in the comments section!

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40th Birthday Beer – Growlers, Glasses and Guides!

Last night some friends of mine took me out to celebrate my upcoming 40th birthday. Among some really great gifts were a couple of beer-related gems.

Cigar City Growlers

Two of my buddies stopped by the Cigar City Brewery and picked up a couple of growlers. One is the Little Lady Friend which is a Belgian Session Ale and the other is the English Dark Maduro a slightly different take on their Maduro Brown Ale. I’ve never tried either of these varieties before so I’m looking forward to cracking at least one of these open tonight.

Laser Etched Glasses

And they will be served in one of these. Another group of friends picked me up some really cool new beer glasses and had my initials laser-etched into them.

Great Florida Craft Beer Guide

While I’m sitting on my lanai drinking a couple of brews, I might as well enjoy some reading material as well. Another friend gave me the Great Florida Craft Beer Guide which is guaranteed to lead me on some great beer-seeking adventures in the very near future.

Huge thanks to all my friends who came out to celebrate the fact that the earth rotated around the sun 40 times since I was born. I’m a lucky guy…

And remember… the food abides…