The food abides…

Road Trip – Chicken Sandwiches @ Sam’s Bar and Grille, PCNY

Had to head up to Connecticut for my cousin’s wedding this weekend and since most of my family was at the rehearsal dinner, my two best friends volunteered to pick me up from the airport. I usually fly into New York and since one of them lives in Greenwich, we figured that general area would be a good place to stop for a little dinner and a couple of beers.

We wound up heading to Sam’s Bar and Grille. It’s just a tiny little dive bar right on the Port Chester NY/Greenwich CT line. The rumor was that this place supposedly had one of the best chicken sandwiches around.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

They weren’t kidding. There’s usually nothing special about chicken sandwiches but this one is definitely the pick of the litter. The sandwich itself was huge (a plus because I was starving from a day of traveling on an empty stomach). It was crispy and crunchy and not greasy at all. The breading was fantastic and while they wouldn’t tell me what it was seasoned with, it’s not any chicken sandwich breading I’ve ever tasted before. We washed it down with a couple of really great ales that they had on draft which complimented the meal perfectly.

I doubt many Tampa readers will find themselves in that area, but if you do, it’s worth stopping in to try.

And special thanks go out to my boys, Trev and Z for the ride, the meal and the chill session. Always good catching up with you guys.

And remember… the food abides.


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