The food abides…

Das Boot!

Tonight a couple of friends and I headed up to Mr. Dunderbaks a local Bavarian biergarten, market and delicatessen to catch their Oktoberfest celebration. In addition to experiencing the traditional music, cute girls in lederhosen, plenty of marzens and Oktoberfest beers on draft and some out of this world pierogies and pommefrites, I managed to snag a prize from their balloon-pop raffle.


Behold… Das Boot! This Warsteiner traditional-style beer-boot is the type of thing I would never have purchased for myself . However, now that I own one, I’m very proud and it will likely be displayed prominently in my home like the leg lamp in A Christmas Story.

Mr. Dunderbaks holds their Oktoberfest celebrations nightly during the month of October and I recommend giving them a shot as it’s a really enjoyable experience and about as close as you’ll be able to get to that kind of authentic cultural experience without taking a trip to Europe…


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