The food abides…

New Beer Friday Two-fer!!! Bell’s and Abita’s 2016 Christmas Ales!

Kicking off the holidays with not one, but two new Christmas brews for today’s New Beer Friday.


Bell’s Christmas Ale:

Bell’s Christmas Ale is a Scottish-style ale which is an unorthadox choice for a Christmas beer, but it’s well-served here. It pours a medium orange with about a finger of off-white head. There’s a solid fruit bouquet with a hint of caramel.

The first pull gives caramel notes with heavy malt and just a touch of nuttiness, specifically almonds. On the back end is an array of fruit flavors, most notably, white grape, dried cherries and candied figs with a little bit of a hoppy bite.

This is a surprisingly light and drinkable beer, almost session-like, which is uncharacteristic for a Scottish Ale. Perhaps that’s the holiday gift from Bell’s.


Abita’s 2016 Christmas Ale:

Two years ago I tried their 2014 Christmas Ale and was rather impressed with it. The 2016 keeps the standard high.

The 2016 Christmas Ale pours a very dark red with almost two fingers of frothy brownish-white head. On the nose is a very strong scent of pine.

The first pull is somewhat hoppy but with an immediate blast of the same pine. The pine rounds out on the back end to a surprising and pleasing peppermint flavor which, when combined with the pine, tastes almost reminiscent of a wintergreen Lifesaver. It sounds odd but it works and works well.

This is a unique brew and once again Abita makes an ale that screams Christmas.

*      *      *      *      *      *

It’s still early in the season so it should be relatively easy to get your hands on these but don’t wait because we all know these seasonal brews won’t last long.

Tried Bell’s or Abita’s Christmas Ales? Leave a message in the comments section!

And remember… beer is freedom… and the food abides…


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