The food abides…

Fish Tacos!

About 12 years ago I had to stop eating red meat for medical reasons and that would have sounded like a death sentence to someone who loved hamburgers as much as I did. However I grew up on the coast in New England and because of that, I have also been a fan of seafood for as long as I can remember. I essentially just shifted focus; at some point fish tacos became my new hamburgers. Living in the Tampa Bay area there is a boundless amount of restaurants that serve them and if I see them on the menu I’m almost guaranteed to try them out. Every so often though I get a hankering to make them myself and tonight’s experiment turned out pretty well.

Home Fish Tacos 2

I grilled up some fresh tilapia and coated it in a mixture of celery salt, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, sea salt and black pepper. As a side note the smoked paprika makes ALL the difference. Tossed the cooked fish in a soft taco shell with a little shredded cheese, a few ribbons of red cabbage and some fresh lime juice. As a side I made a some basmati rice with corn and cilantro and another squirt of lime juice and then a serving of black beans.

Home Fish Tacos

I have another favorite fish taco recipe that’s got more of a japanese flair to it which I will have to post at some point. But for now here you go. If you dig fish tacos, this traditional recipe is a great staple.

Have a favorite fish taco recipe or a favorite version served by a local restaurant? Leave a message in the comments!

And remember… the food abides.


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