The food abides…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Beer Friday!

It’s just a few minutes after midnight which means it’s officially Christmas. It also means the Southern Tier 2Xmas Ale I just cracked open officially counts for New Beer Friday! Funny how things work out like that.

2Xmas Ale

Really digging this beer. Brewed in the style of a traditional Swedish Glogg there is a LOT going on in this one.

2Xmas Ale pours a deep ruby color with about an inch of head that dissipates quickly and leaves very little lacing on the glass. There’s a subtle dried fruit aroma with heavy spices (most notably nutmeg) and just a slight hint of pine.

On the initial pull there’s a distinct brown sugar and allspice flavor which is followed by a fruity fig and plum note mixed with heavy spices. This is not a bad thing and I’m picking up almost all of the holiday spices; cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and cardamom. The flavor rounds out on the back-end with some orange zest and just a touch of ginger. Threaded throughout is a pleasantly warming alcohol feeling and while I’ve never tried a Swedish Glogg before, I’d have to assume this is traditional.

With so many flavors packed into one ale you would think this would be somewhat of a schizophrenic beer but it’s not. This is a rather well-balanced brew and it’s most definitely what I would consider to be a perfect holiday beverage. For those not in the know, we’re currently experiencing the hottest Christmas on record in Florida, and this beer is making me forget that it’s currently 87 degrees and insanely humid outside right now. Mission accomplished Southern Tier… mission accomplished.

Tried Southern Tier’s 2Xmas Ale? Leave a message in the comments section below!

And remember… the food abides…


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