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New Beer Friday! – Magic Hat’s Pistil Dandelion Spring Ale

Magic Hat Pistil

I’ve always dug Magic Hat and their #9 was one of the first ales that really taught me the difference between a beer and a microbrew. Their seasonal offerings are always unique and I look forward to trying them every year. I love their Hex Octoberfest and was especially impressed with this year’s winter G-Thang Gingerbread Ale, so I picked up their Pistil Dandelion Ale as soon as I saw it.

Pistil pours a rich golden color, heavily carbonated with a good two fingers of head that dissipates quickly. There’s a definite floral aroma with an underlying hints of wheat and just a little bit of pine.

Dandelion seems like an odd flavor to add to a brew but it works. It starts out rich and very grassy, with a little hint of lemon and pear. It doesn’t really mellow much but continues that bready grassiness through the pull. There’s a slightly bitter finish to it but that’s to be expected given it’s literally flavored with a weed.

Pistil is a decent seasonal offering and seems to really fit for this time of year. If you’re ready for winter to end it’s a good way to usher in the spring, so give it a shot.

Tried Magic Hat’s Pistil? Leave a message with your thoughts in the comments section!

And remember… the food abides…


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