The food abides…

Vintage Candy @ the Fresh Market…

It is no big secret that I do not have much of a sweet tooth (I’m more of a salt-fiend). Sampling a desert menu item at a new restaurant I’m trying, a bowl of sugary cereal on a Saturday morning or an occasional Ice Cream every once in a blue moon is about as close as I get to consuming sweets on a regular basis.

When I was a kid though, my friends and I used to love to ride our bikes down to the corner drug store for candy and comic books. It’s kind of funny that a good deal of that candy is now considered “vintage.”

Fast-forward to today and I happened to be walking through a local gourmet food and produce store, the Fresh Market and they had the greatest collection of vintage candy I’ve seen in one place since being in that drug store when I was ten years old.

Here you can find Charleston Chews, Tootsie Pop-Drops, Mary Janes, Candy Buttons, Cow-Tails, Pixie Stix, Boston Baked Beans, Lemonheads, Sugar Babies, Big League Chew, Necco Wafers, Bottle Caps, Goldenberg Peanut Chews, Fizzies (not Pop-Rocks, but the real Fizzies!)  and a selection of salt-water taffy that would put many northeast boardwalks to shame.

If you ever get the desire to rot your teeth the way you did when you were a kid, make it a point to visit the Fresh Market and check out this display…


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