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New Beer Friday! – Lickinghole Creek’s Three Chopt Tripel Ale

Lickinghole Creek Tripel Ale

It’s a stormy night here in Tampa Bay so it was a good time for sitting out on the lanai watching the rain and enjoying a good brew. Tonight I’m trying Lickinghole Creek’s Three Chopt Tripel Ale. Some good friends of mine gave me a bomber of this stuff for my birthday a few weeks back and tonight is a perfect night for it.

Brewed in the farmhouse style, this traditional Belgian Tripel ale has a wheaty aroma. It pours a murky gold color; no head whatsoever and no lacing. This beer has some heft to it and you can feel the weight when you pick up the glass.

The flavor is mellow and slightly sweet. I know this may sound contradictory but there are hints of both lemon and lime without the citrusy acidity that can sometimes overpower beer with those kinds of notes. On the back-end, it’s accented by tropical fruit that compliments the lemon-lime perfectly and rounds out the flavor.

In the end, one of the better Tripels I’ve tried. Lickinghole Creek is a Virginia microbrew and this is probably not something I would have stumbled upon on my own. Special thanks to my friends the Doyles for the birthday bottle. It made for a great evening.

Tried the Three Chopt? Thoughts about Tripel Ales in general? Leave a message in the comments section!

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